Meet the Runners

Today finds our group of friends at home in their two house compound in the Everett District of Seattle. Over time they have scraped up enough time and resources to turn the two previously abandoned houses into quite a comfortable and safe escape from the dangers of the Seattle streets.

The group rigger/hacker, Red, a sixteen year old human, has the place wired with cameras and a couple of strategically placed automatic weapons. Nothing too ostentatious, just a deterrent for any gang that might get the idea they are easy meat. When she isn’t doing school work she is busy tinkering around with the security system or her drones. She prides herself on keeping group’s online and home security top notch.

In the yard, sort of trying to avoid the few flowers the girls try vainly to keep alive, Nosredna, the human street samurai, and Reaper, the elven adept who wishes he was an orc, are sparring just to waste time. Vash, the gunslinger, is watching, lounging in his red trench, feet up on a rickety chair eating donuts. Every now and then a minor explosion shakes one of the houses, probably caused by the elven mage, Grimm’s, experimentation. They are all used to it, but it does tend to annoy Pixi, the group’s face since it distracts her from her social networking in AR and every now and then makes her mess up badly on a game.

Later that day Nosredna let’s everyone know that he was contacted by his Fixer, Smiley, an easy-going ex-shadowrunner, with a lead on a possible run. Always in need of Nuyen, Red, Grimm, Reaper and Nosredna get dressed up in their best club gear and head off to the meet at a private conference room at the Infinity, a novahot nightspot. The Mr. Johnson is a middle aged troll in a stylish purple and chartreuse suit. He explains that someone has stolen an old-style optical disk containing some music-related data from his employer and they would like it back quickly because they believe the thief is trying to sell it. They want both the disk and the data returned. The files are of significant personal and sentimental value. He offers them 10,000 Nuyen, half up front and the group accepts.



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