Warehouse Mayhem

After some asking around among their contacts the group soon finds out that Nabo, an up and coming young orc-rock sensation, was contacted via email by someone trying to sell lost music tracks. He is holding one last concert for his local fans at an abandoned warehouse that evening to stay true to his roots, before leaving on a multi-city tour. The group decides to try to grab his commlink during the concert.

There was some concern about Nabo’s rigger, but after Grimm scoped out the place magically it was eventually decided to ignore the rigger van and for Grimm to turn Reaper and Pixi invisible so that they could sneak backstage to Nabo’s dressing room during the concert in hopes that the commlink would be there. Vash and Nosredna were to use counterfeited wrist-passes to get in and cause a diversion if it became necessary. Everything went well, Reaper and Pixi carefully snuck in between concert goers, not gathering much attention although Reaper’s weapons tagged someone else for a search. They had to hold hands to keep from losing one another in the crowd and Reaper almost caused a problem by elbowing someone.

Once they snuck backstage and made it to the dressing room they came across a slight problem. There was a drunken orc guard sitting on a chair directly in front of the doorway. Not really caring, Reaper, still invisible, knocked his cup of beer out of his hand. After several moments of confusion the guard decided he needed more beer, not really understanding the demise of his previous one, and got up to go get another. Before he left he opened the door to the room and yelled in to the orc and groupies that were drugged up on the couch, “Gotta go get more beer. Be back.”

In an attempt to get in and get the commlink and get out without being noticed Pixi had Reaper sit on the guard’s chair and then climbed over him into the room, silently stealing the commlink from the table right next to the out of it orcs. Pixi felt around and found Reaper still sitting on the chair and climbed back over him.

In the meantime Vash and Nosredna made it into the concert with a bit of a snag when one of the wrist-passes didn’t read correctly on the guard’s scanner. Vash talked his way out of it and they started to work their way through the crowds near the bar. Red sent out her eyes-in-the-sky to look in through the skylights, being careful to avoid being noticed by the other rigger. They arrived in place just in time to see the beginnings of a riot starting between two rival gangs right in the middle of the concert.

Pixi and Reaper let the group know they had the commlink and were heading out. The others warned them about the riot and they decided to take the rear exit instead of trying to sneak out the way they came in. Vash and Nosredna worked their way out the way they had come in since they didn’t need to cause a distraction and headed back to the hovervan.

The riot was spilling backstage as they made their way to the exit, but some of the rioters bumped into them making them lose thier grip on one another. There was gunfire everywhere and Pixi froze in fear before regaining her senses and running to the door, hoping to find Reaper there. Reaper simply hacked up anyone who got near him and then made the door guard into mince meat. When Pixi saw the carnage she just stood back, knowing it was Reaper, and let him do his job. Once the door was clear they simply opened it and left, meeting up back at the van before heading to a donut shop to figure out what to do next.



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