Who's got the disk?

Red quickly found the email in Nabo’s commlink’s trash bin and tracked it back through several anonymous routers to a local hacker named Zipper, a regular at a local bar called the Cathode Glow. Red also found several files that they might be able to make some Nuyen off of before the commlink got fried somehow.

The Cathode Glow is an interesting place, seems like the place where old hackers go to die. It is full of old tech. I mean OLD tech, but all of it seems to still be working. Even the server bots are wearing old tech “costumes.” The group is scanned at the door, told of some gaps in their computer defenses, and greeted by a mechanical eye stalk that drops down from the ceiling asking what they want. The group was going to ask about Zipper, but then Red noticed her at a back table. Pixi headed back to talk to her with Vash and Reaper while the others spread themselves out to eavesdrop and keep an eye out for trouble. During this one of the hackers messaged Nosredna that some of his cyberware was due for maintenance.

Zipper fits the description they had gotten for her online, an Amerind-Asian dwarf woman with short spiky black hair. She is wearing a synthleather jacket and biker boots. With her in the booth is another dwarf woman. They both have drinks and appear to be playing some kind of game on thier commlinks. Pixi sends the guys away, but not before Vash talks the other girl into joining him at the bar for a drink.

Pixi slides into the booth and introduces herself and starts flirting with Zipper and asks about the disk indirectly. Zipper lies badly that she knows nothing about it leading to a bit of back and forth between the two of them trying to size each other up. Zipper tries to shoot off a message to warn Loomis, her friend who asked her to find a buyer for the info, but Red blocks her. Reaper eventually gets sick of the interplay and goes over, slams his sword into the table and growls, “Tell us!” Pixi quickly grabs him and pulls him down next to her in the booth saying, “You will tell us.” Reaper tries to chime in with something else and Pixi covers his mouth.

Zipper has no desire to get hurt for Loomis, so she tells them that her friend Kerwin Loomis, a local who runs a bar called the Coda, has a disk he is trying to sell but he doesn’t want it traced back to him so he asked her to send out anonymous emails and handle the replies. She doesn’t know who has replied, just that there weren’t many and she hasn’t kept copies. Once they are satisfied that they can’t get anymore information Pixi thanks her and leaves with Reaper, the rest following. Vash is quite annoyed though since the girl he was schmoozing got up and left when she saw Reaper slam his sword into the table.

Once they are back in the hovervan they head off to the Coda.



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