Ouch that Hurts!

The Coda is a hole, a total dive. It looks like it should have been condemned quite a while ago, the “O” in the name is missing and its neighbors are an abandoned barbershop and a junkyard. The only people hanging around are a bunch of chipheads. Our shadowrunners pile out of the hovervan and head in to the bar in search of Kerwin Loomis. There are several members of the Trashers, a mostly orc local gang that acts as muscle for Loomis is exchange for beer and a place to pedal BTLs, hanging around. Grimm scans the place and there is one magic user who quickly leaves.

They go up to the bar and, after drinks are ordered, ask the bartender, a chunky orc chick, if they can talk to her boss. After trying to find out what they want she goes in back but comes out a moment later saying that he seems to have left. She doesn’t know when or where because he was there just a minute or two ago doing business with someone. Meanwhile the Trashers had come up to check them out and start a bit of trouble. Then Grimm notices that he is being scanned and just spots the mage he had seen early ducking out of view from one of the windows.

The group quickly splits up. Red going back to the hovervan – Reaper, Pixi, and Nosredna charging over the bar and out back in search of Loomis after Pixi passes Reaper’s drink to one of the Trashers – Grimm and Vash head to the front of the bar going in search of the magic user. Reaper notices some fresh blood at a hole in the fence to the junkyard and goes in followed by Pixi and Nosredna. They quickly track the blood to Loomis who has cut his leg rather badly. However they also notice several other people in the junkyard with them. Nosredna moves around to cut off Loomis while Red quickly gets her eyes-in-the-sky up and over the piles of cars to give the group some air surveillance. In one deft move Nosredna tackles and grapples Loomis to the ground. Loomis holds up the disk and yells that he’ll break it. That just gives Reaper more incentive to shoot off his hand. Nosredna catches the disk in mid-air when Loomis drops it and starts screaming in pain, blood spurting everywhere.

In the meantime Vash and Grimm ran around the building in search of the mage. They didn’t see him but they did run into the Thrashers who had chased the others out the back door in an attempt to protect Loomis. Vash handily talked them into going back inside and drinking some more after which Vash went over to help the others. Grimm rounds another corner and comes face to face with the other mage who seems to be concentrating on something. Grimm counterspells whatever he is doing. The mage then tells Grimm they should stay out of this. They get into a stun battle, but Grimm quickly tires of it and sets him on fire.

One of the other people that have been lurking around speaks up at this point, “Thanks, We’ll take that disk now.” The team vigorously disagrees with this and a vicious fight ensues. Nosredna gets shot up quite a bit while attempting to get the disk back to the hovervan. He manages to get to Pixi who is using her wire cutters to make an escape hole through the fence. Reaper gives them cover fire and acts as a human shield while she works.

Vash went to rescue Loomis from the fire fight, shooting down from a pile of rubble at one of the baddies, taking him out with a shot to the face. He went on to riddle another with bullets. Reaper took down one of the guys and then started in on the leader. By this point Red had sent out her Doberman to give the team some cover fire. Grimm was getting bored with the whole thing so he levitated the leader up into the air and flung him down on the razor wire lining the top of the fence around the junkyard. Fortunately for the bad guy he didn’t get hurt too badly, but unfortunately he got very tangled up, pretty much ending the fight.

The group manages to get back to the hovervan, except for Vash who heads back to the bar to find the Trashers. He deftly explains that some guys have messed up Loomis and left him in the junkyard. They believe him and gratefully go in search of their buddy and possibly a little bit of beating on any baddies still moving. Vash then heads to the hovervan where Grimm is healing people up the best he can.

They decide they need to check and make sure it is the right disc. Red spends some time inspecting the disc and realizes there is no way she can check out something so old. They soon remember that the Cathode Glow had machines that might be able to read it and head over there. Red, Pixi, and Vash go in and talk to the bartender about using one of the machines. She tunes out for a moment then replies that the owners will charge 200Nuyen. Pixi pays up and red convinces the bartender to allow them to bring the machine into a back room to avoid too much unwanted attention. They manage to get the disc to read a little and Red realizes it is encrypted. She gets through one layer of encryption and realizes there is actually a double encryption and it was done by someone who really knew their stuff. She manages to get the disc to play somewhat and while they are listening to it she jury-rigs a way to record the programming to her comm with some bits and pieces she keeps around in her kit.

The disc contains seven songs, audio only, the simsense parts must be locked behind the second layer of encryption. The singer is male and definitely not an amateur. Pixi quickly realizes that the singer is probably Jet Black, a famous angst-rocker who died back in 2048, and none of the tracks are familiar to her. The writing on the disc, “Carrion Sessions ‘48, JB. For enlightenment see k out absent friends” somewhat confirms this and if it is true, then the recording was made the year he died.

So now that the group knows that this is the disc the Johnson wanted they drop him a line and get a message saying that he will get back to them soon. Then they spend a bit of time discussing their options. Red does a bit of research and finds out that Loomis’s recently deceased father was K-Spot a semi-well known producer. It is possible that Loomis wasn’t actually a thief, but the actual owner of the disc. Red is also very curious about the encryption on the disc and is itching to meet the person who set it up. The rest of the group just want their Nuyen. Pixi is a bit interested due to her love of club music and suggests that they research about it using the copy red made after they turn in the disc.

When the Johnson gets back to them they set up a meet at the club where everything started. He is very pleased that they did such a good job and actually buys them drinks and gives them a bonus of five thousand Nuyen. They take it and head home, a job well done.

In the meantime Red has been researching the disc…

Who's got the disk?

Red quickly found the email in Nabo’s commlink’s trash bin and tracked it back through several anonymous routers to a local hacker named Zipper, a regular at a local bar called the Cathode Glow. Red also found several files that they might be able to make some Nuyen off of before the commlink got fried somehow.

The Cathode Glow is an interesting place, seems like the place where old hackers go to die. It is full of old tech. I mean OLD tech, but all of it seems to still be working. Even the server bots are wearing old tech “costumes.” The group is scanned at the door, told of some gaps in their computer defenses, and greeted by a mechanical eye stalk that drops down from the ceiling asking what they want. The group was going to ask about Zipper, but then Red noticed her at a back table. Pixi headed back to talk to her with Vash and Reaper while the others spread themselves out to eavesdrop and keep an eye out for trouble. During this one of the hackers messaged Nosredna that some of his cyberware was due for maintenance.

Zipper fits the description they had gotten for her online, an Amerind-Asian dwarf woman with short spiky black hair. She is wearing a synthleather jacket and biker boots. With her in the booth is another dwarf woman. They both have drinks and appear to be playing some kind of game on thier commlinks. Pixi sends the guys away, but not before Vash talks the other girl into joining him at the bar for a drink.

Pixi slides into the booth and introduces herself and starts flirting with Zipper and asks about the disk indirectly. Zipper lies badly that she knows nothing about it leading to a bit of back and forth between the two of them trying to size each other up. Zipper tries to shoot off a message to warn Loomis, her friend who asked her to find a buyer for the info, but Red blocks her. Reaper eventually gets sick of the interplay and goes over, slams his sword into the table and growls, “Tell us!” Pixi quickly grabs him and pulls him down next to her in the booth saying, “You will tell us.” Reaper tries to chime in with something else and Pixi covers his mouth.

Zipper has no desire to get hurt for Loomis, so she tells them that her friend Kerwin Loomis, a local who runs a bar called the Coda, has a disk he is trying to sell but he doesn’t want it traced back to him so he asked her to send out anonymous emails and handle the replies. She doesn’t know who has replied, just that there weren’t many and she hasn’t kept copies. Once they are satisfied that they can’t get anymore information Pixi thanks her and leaves with Reaper, the rest following. Vash is quite annoyed though since the girl he was schmoozing got up and left when she saw Reaper slam his sword into the table.

Once they are back in the hovervan they head off to the Coda.

Warehouse Mayhem

After some asking around among their contacts the group soon finds out that Nabo, an up and coming young orc-rock sensation, was contacted via email by someone trying to sell lost music tracks. He is holding one last concert for his local fans at an abandoned warehouse that evening to stay true to his roots, before leaving on a multi-city tour. The group decides to try to grab his commlink during the concert.

There was some concern about Nabo’s rigger, but after Grimm scoped out the place magically it was eventually decided to ignore the rigger van and for Grimm to turn Reaper and Pixi invisible so that they could sneak backstage to Nabo’s dressing room during the concert in hopes that the commlink would be there. Vash and Nosredna were to use counterfeited wrist-passes to get in and cause a diversion if it became necessary. Everything went well, Reaper and Pixi carefully snuck in between concert goers, not gathering much attention although Reaper’s weapons tagged someone else for a search. They had to hold hands to keep from losing one another in the crowd and Reaper almost caused a problem by elbowing someone.

Once they snuck backstage and made it to the dressing room they came across a slight problem. There was a drunken orc guard sitting on a chair directly in front of the doorway. Not really caring, Reaper, still invisible, knocked his cup of beer out of his hand. After several moments of confusion the guard decided he needed more beer, not really understanding the demise of his previous one, and got up to go get another. Before he left he opened the door to the room and yelled in to the orc and groupies that were drugged up on the couch, “Gotta go get more beer. Be back.”

In an attempt to get in and get the commlink and get out without being noticed Pixi had Reaper sit on the guard’s chair and then climbed over him into the room, silently stealing the commlink from the table right next to the out of it orcs. Pixi felt around and found Reaper still sitting on the chair and climbed back over him.

In the meantime Vash and Nosredna made it into the concert with a bit of a snag when one of the wrist-passes didn’t read correctly on the guard’s scanner. Vash talked his way out of it and they started to work their way through the crowds near the bar. Red sent out her eyes-in-the-sky to look in through the skylights, being careful to avoid being noticed by the other rigger. They arrived in place just in time to see the beginnings of a riot starting between two rival gangs right in the middle of the concert.

Pixi and Reaper let the group know they had the commlink and were heading out. The others warned them about the riot and they decided to take the rear exit instead of trying to sneak out the way they came in. Vash and Nosredna worked their way out the way they had come in since they didn’t need to cause a distraction and headed back to the hovervan.

The riot was spilling backstage as they made their way to the exit, but some of the rioters bumped into them making them lose thier grip on one another. There was gunfire everywhere and Pixi froze in fear before regaining her senses and running to the door, hoping to find Reaper there. Reaper simply hacked up anyone who got near him and then made the door guard into mince meat. When Pixi saw the carnage she just stood back, knowing it was Reaper, and let him do his job. Once the door was clear they simply opened it and left, meeting up back at the van before heading to a donut shop to figure out what to do next.

Meet the Runners

Today finds our group of friends at home in their two house compound in the Everett District of Seattle. Over time they have scraped up enough time and resources to turn the two previously abandoned houses into quite a comfortable and safe escape from the dangers of the Seattle streets.

The group rigger/hacker, Red, a sixteen year old human, has the place wired with cameras and a couple of strategically placed automatic weapons. Nothing too ostentatious, just a deterrent for any gang that might get the idea they are easy meat. When she isn’t doing school work she is busy tinkering around with the security system or her drones. She prides herself on keeping group’s online and home security top notch.

In the yard, sort of trying to avoid the few flowers the girls try vainly to keep alive, Nosredna, the human street samurai, and Reaper, the elven adept who wishes he was an orc, are sparring just to waste time. Vash, the gunslinger, is watching, lounging in his red trench, feet up on a rickety chair eating donuts. Every now and then a minor explosion shakes one of the houses, probably caused by the elven mage, Grimm’s, experimentation. They are all used to it, but it does tend to annoy Pixi, the group’s face since it distracts her from her social networking in AR and every now and then makes her mess up badly on a game.

Later that day Nosredna let’s everyone know that he was contacted by his Fixer, Smiley, an easy-going ex-shadowrunner, with a lead on a possible run. Always in need of Nuyen, Red, Grimm, Reaper and Nosredna get dressed up in their best club gear and head off to the meet at a private conference room at the Infinity, a novahot nightspot. The Mr. Johnson is a middle aged troll in a stylish purple and chartreuse suit. He explains that someone has stolen an old-style optical disk containing some music-related data from his employer and they would like it back quickly because they believe the thief is trying to sell it. They want both the disk and the data returned. The files are of significant personal and sentimental value. He offers them 10,000 Nuyen, half up front and the group accepts.


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